November 9th, 2018
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11.9.18 Comment from KNH

Wow you are very talented and I’m sure your brain is so full of information and insight that at times you feel like you want to scream…


10.17.18 Text Message from Tonia Brown

Good job getting it done.


7.12.16 Email Message from Willola Ashley

I’m so PROUD of YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6.27.16 Text Message from Jacqueline Jones Hudson

Man your website is very interesting & complexed. Full of information. Good job!


6.27.16 Text Message from Kerry Hudson

U A GENIUS!!!!! nice work Mike!!!!!


6.27.16 Text Message from Herbene Hogan-Wax

I would never have a problem with a mind like yours… What you have is a blessing to the world. One to be shared.


6.22.16 Text Message from Gerald McGaugh

My Man. Do your thang.


6.20.16 Text Message from Kathy Hawkins Smallwood

Wealth is not only what you have but is also what you are. You are becoming a very wealthy man Michael !!


9.13.15 Facebook Message from Asha Afi.

I want to thank you again for mentoring me with my marketing and sales for my children’s book. Not many people would have taken the time to help another aspiring writer/publisher. I do not believe I would have been as successful had you not lended your expertise.


9.2.15 Email Message from Sheriff Newell Normand.

Darryl, I appreciate you and your work.


8.31.15 Facebook Message from Robin Quaites.

Darryl, Good luck with your writing and may you be blessed with every word written in your story. Until next time my friend.


8.30.15 Facebook Comment from David Thiruselvam.

I see great things coming your way! Hang in there brother!!


8.29.15 Facebook Comment from Robin Mills-Jefferson.

You are the perfect man my brother to tell their story. I have faith in your journey. I know that you will do us all proud.


8.29.15 Facebook Comment from Dr. Robinlyn Wright.

I believe in you.


8.29.15 Facebook Comment from Debbie Nared.

Mike my friend my brother you made a way to do all that you could , giving up family and friends to help complete strangers I am sure your next move will do great things for many! Know that I will do all that I can to support you and Katrina 2005! God puts people in the right place at the right time!


8.29.15 Facebook Comment from Jay Myers.

Let’s get it done M. Darryl Woods.


8.29.15 Facebook Comment from Scott Harris.

100% Bro!!! You can handle it Woody!!!


8.29.15 Facebook Comment from Tisa Hardin.

So sweet Michael, yes we are all call to do things in this world, we just have to step up to the plate, and just do it! New Orleans was lucky to have called you! Great job over the last decade, and blessings for the future!!


8.27.15 Text Message from D. Berry Moore.

You are a very intelligent / successful individual and I look up to you. Keep up the great work! I’m proud.


8.24.15 Facebook Comment from Tonya Anderson.

Wow, all this time you did not tell me your side of the story. You just told me all of the things others did. You are amazing. I can see movie rights for sure. Many people really would love to know your perspective..So EXCITING,Thank you for all that you both did… Saving New Orleans..The Days of Katrina… something like that.. Whatever you pick.. omg..


7.21.15 Text Message from Melody Tapley.

Wow…knowledge is power. So much good info. Awesome writing…keep up the good work.


3.28.14 Email Message from Annie Bustin.

Good luck Mr. Woods. I admire your fortitude and dedication to your fellow man.


4.23.13 Email Message from Gayle Johnson.

I know you are on the right track, so keep the faith and stay true to what you believe and it will happen.


3.4.13 Phone Conversation with Pastor Toby Nelson.

This is a Holy record that you are putting together, and it needs to be told.


9.11.12 Email Message from Pastor Jackie Barfield.

Closure is the theme for you this season, so I said a prayer for you that God will give you the space and peace of mind needed to finish the task at hand. That he would lead and guide you in all that you do. That he continues to order your footsteps, as all good men’s steps are. That as you write your true purpose and calling will be revealed. Amen!


02.07.12 SoundCloud Message from Bill Waldron.

A message from retired homicide detective and Katrina Responder Bill Waldron by thecontraflow

11.11.10 Facebook Message from Eukress Remus-Dixon.

I have been viewing “THECONTRAFLOW”. Work it out! I’m so proud of you Michael


07.22.10 Facebook Message from Rev. L.C. Menyweather-Woods, Ph.D.

When we walk in our destiny, especially after we discover what that is, all the struggles, disappointments, and hard knocks – only enables us to realize we are more than mere survivors as others deem, we are part of making history reality, we are the conduit through which the power of enlightenment, consciousness, and most of all, historiographers, griots of who we are and whose we are! I am as always my Brother, proud, humbly proud to call you my friend, my inspiration! Blessings as always – our prayers and hope is for you to continue the path which you have been led, remember Jeremiah 29:11 and 2 Timothy 1:7.


06.22.10 Email Message from Paul Derry

Mr. Woods…I was wondering where I could get a copy of your book? I ran across your website this weekend and it piqued my interest. I’ve been researching the response measures taken by the major cities affected by Katrina and Rita in 2005, namely Houston and New Orleans for my own personal enrichment and also perhaps because I am particularly concerned that we have forgotten these after a couple quieter hurricane seasons. My view was always from what the television brought into my living room and I never felt like that was good enough. No matter how many journalists reported on the Katrina disaster I always felt like they were missing the point.

01.17.10 Email Message from Marian Lee

Thank you for telling this story and informing everyone who really was involved, what really happened, when the events actually took place, where the most devastation actually occurred, why there was miscommunication, and how the people coped with this disaster.

12.09.09 Text Message from Teresita A. Sharma


U hang n there babe. i can only imagine the toll it has on u. ur work is not in vain. ok remember that!!!

11.17.09 Email Message from Debbie Nared

Hi Mike,

I see you are really into this new project. You are doing an OUTSTANDING JOB!! What next???? (Where did you find the time to put all this together?) “Keep controlling the flow”


11.14.09 Voice Message from Rick Mathieu


11.13.09 Email Message from Fred Willis


You’ve done a wonderful job; I’m amazed that anyone can put all those pieces in place and they all fit.  Keep up the good work!


11.10.09 Voice Message from Carole Woods Harris


08.25.09 Email Message from Sharon Nelson


I just came home from a play on Shakespeare’s life.  A compilation of his works as told by himself, Will.  A one-man show.  It brought you to mind, as I close out my night here in Las Vegas.

There are those, who have a vision, a conviction so strong that one moves forward to birth it, and do so from a power greater than oneself, from the power within themselves. Even though they might not be totally conscious of that power.

You are likened onto that.  For whatever intentions you believe you have for bringing The Contraflow to fruition, there is something much bigger in play.  The cool thing is that is the Truth, the exciting thing is we get to watch and be a part of its unfoldment.

I am getting off track.  The intent of this email was to tell you that what you have accomplished to this day in time, is amazing and a story all its own.

I am humbly extending my acknowledgement to you and to express my gratitude of the honor of being involved in this project.  It has been my pleasure, Michael.



11.21.08 Video Message from Geoffrey Q. Devereaux, AFROMATION editor

11.26.05 Audio Message from Pastor Sean Weaver of True Destiny Christian Church in Charlotte, NC

09.15.05 Email Message from Michael Woods the edited unsent email to a high school classmate who was deputy chief of police at the time; the email draft that launched The Contraflow Project.

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