July 14th, 2016
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  • 8.29.05 The average Katrina flood victim was rescued six times [1-story > neighbor’s 2-story > neighborhood school > elevated highway or levee > major collection point > transportation portal like Louis B. Armstrong Int’l Airport or I-10 MM209 bus staging area > a host cities shelter].


~~~~~~~Six Degrees of Evacuation Photo Gallery~~~~~~~


  • 8.30.05 When the decision was made to cut Pres. Bush’s vacation short two days after Katrina, it was with the belief that his biggest political problem was the disruption of the flow of oil to and from the Gulf of Mexico.
  • 8.31.05 The decision to flyover New Orleans, and the decision to deviate from standard procedures by allowing the press corps aboard Air Force One to call ahead to their news bureaus, all came about because of the bad publicity from a photo taken backstage in San Diego yesterday by ABC Pentagon correspondent Martha Raddatz of Pres. Bush strumming a guitar presented to him as a gift by country singer Mark Wills. **TCP has a new theory for what led to the presidential flyover; which will be disclosed in CONTRAFLOW: Book Three “Command & Control.”**
  • 9.1.05 NBC photojournalist Tony Zumbado’s Emmy Award-winning heartfelt broadcast from the Morial Convention Center changed everything. The “looping looting” footage stopped and the blame game began; Louisiana US Sen. Mary Landrieu and FEMA Director Michael Brown becoming the first targets, with Pres. Bush not far behind. The implications were global.
  • 9.2.05 Pres. Bush traveled to Mobile first because his people did not want him anywhere near New Orleans while over 1,000 National Guard troops were converging on the Morial Convention Center and a possible Kent State (1970) scenario.
  • 9.3.05 Because of the departure of Sec. of State Colin Powell and the neutralizing of the current Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice (re: Spamalot), there was no African American leader to step in and defend Pres. Bush from Kanye West’s “unscripted” statements during the NBC Katrina Relief Telethon which essentially painted Pres. Bush as a racist.

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