January 17th, 2016

TCP Data

TCP Data


The Contraflow Research Project amassed tens of thousands of paper, electronic image files; which include After Action Reports, photos, DVDs, audio interviews, testimonies, responder journals, newspaper articles, etc. The June 19, 2015, Charlotte Observer displaying the “Senseless” (Charleston Nine Shooting) banner headline, is featured in the above photo for proof of date. Our goal is to transcribe, scan and categorize every piece of research material, and identify a permanent electronic and physical home where the public can access our work.


The Contraflow Research Project also amassed enough knowledge for at least two literary projects: CONTRAFLOW Book Series, documenting the first two weeks of Katrina; and NEW ORLEANS A.D. (AFTER DISASTER) Book Series, documenting the relief, re-population, recovery and reconstruction eras during the ten years following the Hurricane Katrina disaster.


In addition, The Contraflow Research Project amassed over 13,000 minutes of footage. Forty percent has been cataloged. Our goal is to get the remaining 60% cataloged. We have two major documentary projects in the works; one pertaining to the Katrina Responders and the other to the people of the New Orleans Seventh Ward.


We feel it is important to get our findings out not only to the public, but the educational community as well. We plan to develop curriculum around the subject of Hurricane Katrina to be used in secondary and post-secondary education. We also want to take our research findings on the road giving lectures at college campuses, corporate events and emergency management seminars.


In our opinion, when referring to Hurricane Katrina, the word “responder” pertains to people and agencies from the block, neighborhood, local, metro, state, regional, national, military, corporate, international arenas. We believe there should be a day of appreciation and a memorial honoring ALL Katrina responders. We plan to champion this overdue recognition.



Mathieu Family Reconstruction Fund
Five years after Katrina and the two primary sources of the inspiration for this project, Rick and Manny Mathieu, are still living in substandard housing. The three homes amongst the two of them are still not rebuilt.
Stood for the Storm Fund
There were about a dozen or so Katrina survivors who shared their experiences with us; too many of them still not back home.
New Haiti Project Earthquake Relief Fund
This fund is targeted towards the relief and reconstruction efforts in the Canape-vert suburb of Port-au-Prince, Haiti; where the College Canape-vert is located (once).


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