Neighborhood Responders: 7th Ward Soldiers

October 30th, 2018

Survivors from the New Orleans 7th Ward neighborhood turned citizen Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, first responders, relief workers and protectorates; as documented by TCP

Angi Bachemin’s
“Camp Jazz Hip Hop Orchestra”

Angelain Family:
From Republic Street to the Bridge

Dyan French Cole’s
Camp Mama D

Mama D & the 82nd Airborne

Ortegas Coleman’s
“Camp Black Cross”

Ortegas Coleman 7th Ward community responder

Rollin Garcia’s
“Camp Bullet”

Camp Bullet

Dwight Boudreaux
& Manny Mathieu

Dwight Boudreaux, Captain of "Noah's Arc"; and Manny Mathieu, Captain of the "Bull Croaker"

Manny Mathieu‘s
the “Bull Croaker”

USS Bull Croaker on Duels St. in the N.O. 7th Ward

Rick Mathieu‘s
“Camp Epiphany & Treme Barracks”

Soul Patrol leader Rick Mathieu in the 7th Ward on 9.3.05 patrolling for survivors in his boat "The Searcher"

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