November 18th, 2018


SWOT Analysis: Going “HollyWoods” Project



  • Possession of the complete story of Hurricane Katrina
  • Present control over all intellectual property
  • Self-publishing business expertise
  • IT and media savvy
  • Contraflow Inc. 501c3 mission statement that allows for developing, publishing, producing anything to do with New Orleans, Katrina & responders
  • The maintenance of relationships with the people of New Orleans and governmental (from the Beltway to Baton Rouge to the Bay Area) agencies and responders for over ten years.
  • Formidable New Orleans research archives
  • Persuasive writing communication skills
  • No expiration date on the story of Katrina; the more years that pass, the more historical the event will be; the more appealing our new facts on the event will be.



  • Lack of human resources
  • Lack of capital
  • Lack of permanent home base of operation
  • Loss of confidence and interests in the projects, internally; solely because of the length of time it took to master the true story of Katrina



  • Shop and/or produce the first Katrina miniseries
  • Shop and/or produce the first Post-Katrina feature length film
  • Being able fund Afromation programs, projects and philanthropy; from publishing and producing profits
  • Becoming the first to tell the complete and definitive story of Katrina
  • Becoming the first this century to articulate the New Orleans three shades of Blackness in story form



  • Competing Katrina miniseries project gets produced
  • Competing Post-Katrina New Orleans feature length film project gets produced
  • No current continuity for research data and intellectual property


Miniseries change the world when a screenwriter forces you to see an event like Hurricane Katrina in a way you never seen it before; e.g., American Slavery: ROOTS (1977)…



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